Friday, September 26, 2008

Attn: Encounter specialists

Please take a digital video camera with you when you are going for a terrorist encounter. There are eprom chips available that can survive many blasts. And publish the video of the encounter via any of the private or national television channels, so the credibility of the police encounters is maintained.
You can even stream the video live to your headquarters, the technology is readily available. So why should you worry about convincing the people then?
Normally I blog in Malayalam nowadays. But to a wider reach , I use my English blog.
Please consider this plea.

Thanks and Regards


അങ്കിള്‍ said...

True, Ralminov

Thehelka has again brought out the hollowness of the false encounters (todays report on TV)

Unni(ജോജി) said...

Hello brother,
Police guys are not going for a hang out in ooty/dargiling or somewhere else. They are fighting against highly dangerous enemy of the country and mankind. Police men may not be able shoot and show you guys

jinsbond007 said...

i dont have much idea about the tech on the guns now a days, but if there is around half usable tech as much they show in movies(only bourne ultimatum come into mind right now) then these encounters can be made fool proof! but the question is, who needs encounters! I never think we need encounters unless we are dealing with suicide squad. We just need good commandos, who know how to take down people without killing them!

Before it was like, "someone caught alive is better than dead". Now the case is reverse, "If we have someone alive its always a threat to the people whom their fingers can point"!

Saddam Hussein was caught and executed, without even having a proper trial, so do many others. Missiles and Guns of world is not ready to kill Osama since he is still a worthy opponent. The days when encounters becomes fool proof is a little bit far as it strips of a little mileage from encounters! And personally i don't think professionally trained police officers and people trained across secret camps in India are not comparable. May suicide bombers from LTTE(only terrorist organization with a navy and air force) camps and professionally trained assassins from Pakistan outperform our commandos. But, never one of these. If they does then it means that something is wrong somewhere. It smells too bad. So encounters, first learn how to do it, then start airing it!

Ralminov റാല്‍മിനോവ് said...

sorry for the comments held up. I forgot that the blog was moderated.
Thanks to all for your take.
The police can wear a bullet-proof , spycam wear . It doesn't take any concentration out of them. Instead , if properly co-ordinated, they can be used as "eyes" behind the head too through proper command from their base station.
Please don't say these are available only in Hollywood movies anymore. Search the Net and you can find wifi net spycams and they dont cost you a fortune as well.
Wake up, Police !