Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do we really need Stock Markets ?

Ups and downs in the stock markets have prompted many of us to ask this question ourselves. Markets shedding 12% a day and recovering the same the very next day. Intraday sessions are more volatile. Why is it happening ?

The answer I have is that they are not Stock Markets any more. Whether they were really Stock Markets is not my subject. I don't research into the past. I can definitely say, now these are not Stock Markets. These are gambling dens. No one is transacting on stocks. Only speculation rules in the market.

If we need Stock Markets, we have to make them so. Short trades are to be stopped. Short traders are not investors, they are gamblers. No investor will take a share of a company in the morning and sell it in the evening. Only gamblers do so. No investor will sell a share that he doesn't have in the morning and buy it in the evening. Only gamblers do so. We don't need these kind of elements in the Stock Market. If we don't clean them up, Stock Markets cease to exist, only gambling dens remain.

Stock Markets are essential for the economy to provide liquidity in the hard assets of a company. They provide a platform for a wider community participation in the growth of the economy.
Tougher regulations are needed in the Stock Market. How can we believe the stock price of a company to grow 50% per annum when it is making a modest growth of 5% and the economy at large is growing only at 9% ? Can we call the one who buys the stock of the company at 50% premium at the launch of its IPO an investor ?

So we need our governments act positively to convert the existing gambling dens to real Stock Markets where we can trade stocks.

Does anyone care ?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Attn: Encounter specialists

Please take a digital video camera with you when you are going for a terrorist encounter. There are eprom chips available that can survive many blasts. And publish the video of the encounter via any of the private or national television channels, so the credibility of the police encounters is maintained.
You can even stream the video live to your headquarters, the technology is readily available. So why should you worry about convincing the people then?
Normally I blog in Malayalam nowadays. But to a wider reach , I use my English blog.
Please consider this plea.

Thanks and Regards

Friday, March 02, 2007

Admit your Mistakes

Yahoo Malayalam , Webduniya and related parties

Regarding: their infamous content lifting from various malayalam blogs.

It is better for Yahoo to admit the mistake graciously than resorting to blatant denials.
Now we see some "Webduniyawalas" commenting about the "mistake" as non-deliberate and as a mistake from the juniors and trainees. Taking those explanations in their face value, I request them to post their explanations in the Yahoo Malayalam Portal, the very same place where the protected material were published and later removed discretely.


[This is my independent observation and comment. I have no contact with the copyright holders or any groups. Nor am I any agent of any corporates.]

Link to this controversy:

Friday, January 19, 2007

How to display Malayalam properly in Firefox

In the "raw" setting of Firefox, it is sometimes difficult to read Malayalam properly. The difficulties faced are:
1. Improper representation of characters, ie characters are not joined, the dotted circle is displayed etc etc
2. Cils are not displayed.
This problem can be solved by Publishers by taking the following into consideration:
1. Avoiding justify:center
2. Avoiding line-spacing
3. Hard coding font name to a Malayalam unicode font.

As we cannot expect all the publishers to follow these, the users have the following options:
1. Use the stylish extension
2. Override the style of the publisher
An example to override the style ( MSN India Malayalam )
Use stylish and Write Style for
Just fill the following in the bold inside the curly brackets:
@-moz-document domain("") {
p, a, ul, .showit,.centerinnercontenta, .fontash { font-family:Rachana_w01 ! important ;}
You can enable n disable the override using the extension.

Majority of the problems will be solved by this method. Some remaining problems can be solved only by userscripts, and greasemonkey extension can be helpful at this stage.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An open request to Blogger

I tried in vain to report the malayalam data problem in the NEW blogger.
Only the consonants of Malayalam are SAVED properly , rest is saved in numbers as ചAmpersandHash3391semicolonAmpersandHash3405semicolon‍
Substitute semicolon‍ with ; , Ampersand with & , Hash with # .
It is supposed to be saved as ചിന്തകള്‍. The OLD blogger save it correctly.
[To understand what I mean , please view the SOURCE of the blog !]

I posted this problem in some "support" groups, reported to blogger "support".. no response yet.
Why I post it here then ? I don't know.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Firefox !!! WHY

I thought it's my duty to present my view regarding Firefox, rather why I used Firefox for more than 2 years now..
I was not a fan of netscape navigator ever, Internet Explorer was my favorite.. Still I dont hate IE, use it for some of my banking sites, actually.
I have tested Opera earlier and found tabbed browsing was really good.. But Opera was not a free browser.. I hated seeing Ads on my browser.. So Opera was used very little.
Then came Firefox, and I found no reason not to switch to FF...
1.It blocked the popups for me.
2.It came with a built-in search for Google, no need for another toolbar
3.It can be extended using extensions, now called add-ons in FF2.
4.Now I can decide what to see and how to see the web, rather than the content provider dictates. This is not a privilege even available with newspapers, magazines, television etc(we have no way to block their annoying ads !!!)
5.Excellent Unicode support with perfect Malayalam support.. I can read any Malayalam page with any font I prefer perfectly by using UserContent.css
6.Padma eliminates the need for any malayalam ascii font to be installed in our system.Almost all the ascii malayalam fonts are / can be converted to Unicode.
7.Last but not the least, its Opensource !!! I can contribute to the community if I have time and skill.

and its email client Thunderbird is an equally good one...
The best feature I found in TB is the ability to download the header first and the details later..
Also different accounts can have different Inboxes and like...
The extensions 'Redirect' and 'Padma' saves lot of trouble...

I stopped using OE.. I didnt find any reason why I should !!!

Enjoy Firefox and Thunderbird

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Excuse me

This has become the most used phrase in the recent times.. The next contestant is 'sorry'. And the worst part of it is that these are considered as polite words. People are shamelessly looking for excuses.
'I overslept', 'I didnt know that...', 'I didnt mean to...'
If one is to get a prestigious award, one never say the excuse of oversleeping and will be present on time. The excuses really show the importance and priorities given to the issues.
No one will appreciate persons making a lot of excuses.
But still, it can be used to heal a sore relationship, if it is used wholeheartedly.
Don't postpone your work to tomorrow..Tomorrow never comes.