Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Firefox !!! WHY

I thought it's my duty to present my view regarding Firefox, rather why I used Firefox for more than 2 years now..
I was not a fan of netscape navigator ever, Internet Explorer was my favorite.. Still I dont hate IE, use it for some of my banking sites, actually.
I have tested Opera earlier and found tabbed browsing was really good.. But Opera was not a free browser.. I hated seeing Ads on my browser.. So Opera was used very little.
Then came Firefox, and I found no reason not to switch to FF...
1.It blocked the popups for me.
2.It came with a built-in search for Google, no need for another toolbar
3.It can be extended using extensions, now called add-ons in FF2.
4.Now I can decide what to see and how to see the web, rather than the content provider dictates. This is not a privilege even available with newspapers, magazines, television etc(we have no way to block their annoying ads !!!)
5.Excellent Unicode support with perfect Malayalam support.. I can read any Malayalam page with any font I prefer perfectly by using UserContent.css
6.Padma eliminates the need for any malayalam ascii font to be installed in our system.Almost all the ascii malayalam fonts are / can be converted to Unicode.
7.Last but not the least, its Opensource !!! I can contribute to the community if I have time and skill.

and its email client Thunderbird is an equally good one...
The best feature I found in TB is the ability to download the header first and the details later..
Also different accounts can have different Inboxes and like...
The extensions 'Redirect' and 'Padma' saves lot of trouble...

I stopped using OE.. I didnt find any reason why I should !!!

Enjoy Firefox and Thunderbird

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Excuse me

This has become the most used phrase in the recent times.. The next contestant is 'sorry'. And the worst part of it is that these are considered as polite words. People are shamelessly looking for excuses.
'I overslept', 'I didnt know that...', 'I didnt mean to...'
If one is to get a prestigious award, one never say the excuse of oversleeping and will be present on time. The excuses really show the importance and priorities given to the issues.
No one will appreciate persons making a lot of excuses.
But still, it can be used to heal a sore relationship, if it is used wholeheartedly.
Don't postpone your work to tomorrow..Tomorrow never comes.