Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An open request to Blogger

I tried in vain to report the malayalam data problem in the NEW blogger.
Only the consonants of Malayalam are SAVED properly , rest is saved in numbers as ചAmpersandHash3391semicolonAmpersandHash3405semicolon‍
Substitute semicolon‍ with ; , Ampersand with & , Hash with # .
It is supposed to be saved as ചിന്തകള്‍. The OLD blogger save it correctly.
[To understand what I mean , please view the SOURCE of the blog !]

I posted this problem in some "support" groups, reported to blogger "support".. no response yet.
Why I post it here then ? I don't know.


സിബു::cibu said...

Raminov, Could give me precise description on how to reproduce the problem.. thanks!

Ralminov റാല്‍മിനോവ് said...

You may go to my malayalam blog on blogger or peringodan's blog. View the page source.
You can see what I meant.
Even in this blog, when you see the source you will find the malayalam is not saved properly. You can cross check it with the source of boologaclub where it is saved properly. The problem is from the New page elements I think.

Ralminov റാല്‍മിനോവ് said...

The problem is with the "Page Elements" Layout. It is confirmed. Recently I migrated some of my old blogger blogs to the new blogger. Only when I "upgraded" the template to the page elements layout, the problem crept in.
I have reported this before 3-4 months.. Is the page elements still beta ?